Clicker Commandments



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Geoff. What about writing the 'Twelve Commandments' of the clicker... :mind-blow

How about:
  1. You shall not have any other draw length indicators before me.
  2. You shall not make your clicker a false idol, but recognize its true place in your shot cycle
  3. You shall not take the clicker?s name in vain however hard it is to pull through.
  4. Remember your follow through and do not hesitate in anticipation of the clicker.
  5. Honour your coaches or other wise and experienced archers who can guide you.
  6. You shall not murder if the clicker goes off unexpectedly or otherwise misbehaves and totally screws up your shot.
  7. You shall not adulterate you shot cycle because of tiredness or frustration.
  8. You shall not steal another?s technique without understanding it.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your clicker and blame it for your own shortcomings.
  10. You shall not covet another archer?s clicker, or bow or other archery kit, nor the way he or she drops arrows into the 10 ring at 90m.


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11. Thou shalt not have thy clicker falsely adjusted
12. Thou shalt repair and maintain thy clicker till fatal damage doth part.


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13: Thou shalt start a clicker thread at least twice in the time you are on AIUK
14: Thou shalt comment on at least a dozen clicker threads in the time you are on AIUK


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Thou shalt not move another archers clicker back by 1mm, under pain of death as the gravity of ruining their archery career becomes apparent.

King Custard

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Thou shalt BOLT down your clicker as hard as thou canst, rendering it immovable ( and carry a spare) - choosing to refletch arrows shot through it rather than have the clicker move so much as a thou of an inch...

Thou shalt 'belt and braces', have a gold paint pen mark along the inside edge of the clicker where it crosses the clicker plate - that any movement is immediately noticable....


The American
American Shoot
thou clicker is the one and only true god, thou pray only to the clicker.


The American
American Shoot
Thou shalt not shoot on someone else's clicker, or some !^"^&%" tapping your bottom limb with an arrow

Thou shalt covet mastery of the clicker but it shall sorely vex thee

Thou shalt stare at the clicker in bewliderment each time you fail to draw to the required length

I think these "101+" commandments should go in the Wikki :)


Thou shalt only post clicker threads in the soon-to-be-set-up clicker section.
Thou shalt fit a clicker at the earliest opportunity.
Thou shalt not listen to those who blaspheme against clickers.
Thou shalt not read anti-clicker threads or posts.

Good Sir Pete

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thou probably shouldst not say "click" next to an archer with a clicker at full draw just to annoy them, although if they do release it's only their own fault...

Ceri Jones

After setting thy clicker all arrows bought after this time shalt be set to this lenght to stop fiddling.

Thou shalt not fiddle with clicker


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Thou shall not wait till aimed at the gold after the clicker has clicked before releasing thou's string.