Clicker Commandments


Robin the Hood

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Thou shalt when updating ones set-up, choose the clicker first and then find a bow, sight and stablisers to match.....:bang:



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Thou should wind everyone up by placing a "a clicker is for just holding arrow on rest" post in every clicker thread :raspberry


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Thou shalt get annoyed with the clicker, stop using it and suddenly shoot tens on feel alone and be baffled why you ever were talked into using it in the first place?


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1) Thou shalt decide to fit one or not fit one and then get on with it, without trying to justify your decision to everyone else. Your scores and medal collection will be the final arbitor as to whether "YOU" made the right choice.


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BC-(Time) Before Clicker

Thou shalt make ref to time BC(before clicker), when thy scores were good and plentiful.:pessimist


Thou shalt not, on a noisy competition line, go through the clicker without hearing or feeling it and stand around like a berk for the next five seconds waiting for it to go off.

Having noticed, thou shalt be ashamed of thyself and hope no-one else noticed.


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Well I'm a slave to the Clicker.. Whilst demonstrating how you pull back an arrow on my bow to my dinner guests ( only one glass of wine at this point ) The clicker went click and I now have a lovely hole in the living room wall.

Click, Boom


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When shooting longbow and using the edge of the pile for the same purpose as a clicker thou shalt be most fairspoken and patient to all those who come unto thee saying, "verily, thou didst nearly pull it off thy finger thou knows"


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How about:
  1. You shall not have any other draw length indicators before me.
  2. You shall not make your clicker a false idol, but recognize its true place in your shot cycle
  3. You shall not take the clicker?s name in vain however hard it is to pull through.
  4. Remember your follow through and do not hesitate in anticipation of the clicker.
  5. Honour your coaches or other wise and experienced archers who can guide you.
  6. You shall not murder if the clicker goes off unexpectedly or otherwise misbehaves and totally screws up your shot.
  7. You shall not adulterate you shot cycle because of tiredness or frustration.
  8. You shall not steal another?s technique without understanding it.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your clicker and blame it for your own shortcomings.
  10. You shall not covet another archer?s clicker, or bow or other archery kit, nor the way he or she drops arrows into the 10 ring at 90m.
That is so true, and funny. Lol.


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If thy possesseth ye Beiter Clicker the colour O'the night, bendeth not in the search for louder tinglage, for that be a Mug's game. Lo.