Club Records---- Worcester Round


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Gday shooters

Just thought i would mention that i beat my club record for the Worcester Round a couple of weeks back and im well chuffed.

The record stood for nearly 20 years (1992).

I have been on a level for quite some time then i started recieving some coaching, just a bit here and there, but what a differance it makes to your abillity to shoot better.
My equipment is not the best in the world but i try to do with what i have got, i have been buying of ebay for a few bits and although they have been good in the most part, they are not as good as better quality kit from the local archery shop. I have now bought a new plunger and a new arrow rest and very soon getting some x10's my old ACEs have had it.

Anyway, The record at my club for the Worcester was 285 and i beat it with 287, just 2 points more.
What are the club Records for your club (Worcester).
Portsmouth next , my pb is 573 at the moment but hoping to improve during this seasons indoor!!.

All the best and good shooting buds

Regards Paul


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My personal PB is 287 and our club record (Recurve) stands at 298, I've got no chance of beating that, not at the moment anyway!


Congratulations. :beer: :beer:
Club record for recurve is 287, Barry Eley set in 1994 and for compound 300, Neil Wakelin set in 1992.