Complete Intermediate Set


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I’ve finally accepted that after 8 years of not shooting that I’m unlikely to get back into Archery soon, and so am selling my entire setup.
I used this to get to 1st class so it’s perfect for a beginner or intermediate shooter.
This includes everything needed for indoor and outdoor shooting, and for maintenance. The full inventory is as follows:

8 x Easton Eclipse 2104 29”. 6 fletched and 2 bare
14 x Easton ACC 3L-18 620 spine DK series 29”. 12 fletched and 2 bare
Merlin Aluminium Riser with wooden grip and cover.
Beiter clicker
Omega Recurve micrometer sight with case.
Hoyt G3 38lbs long with dampeners and covers
Hoyt 300CX 34lbs long with dampeners and covers
2 x KAP magnetic arrow rests
2 x Shibuya buttons, 1 tuned for indoor and the other for outdoor
Optus scope 40977 20 - 60 x 65 with bag
Hama tripod with bag
2 x finger tabs
2 x arm guards
Chest guard
Arrow puller
Homemade finger sling and spare material
2 x bow strings
String wax
Bow Stringer
String gauge
Draw weight gauge
Nocking pliers
Spare fletchings
Fletching glue
Fletching jig
Spare nocks
Nock keys
Hot glue for arrow points
Arrow lube with spare fluid
Kudcelek quick mount tunable long rod
Bow stand
Easton Tuning Guide
Laminated score tables
Various Allen keys for adjusting equipment.
Easton Pro Tour backpack including tool kit and limb protector inserts

The limbs were chosen to cover draw weights from 34 - 38 lbs which are the limits for the arrow spine at my (29”) draw length. I used the G3s when shooting more and the 300CXs when shooting less and so struggling with a higher draw weight.

I’m looking for £600 Ono and this is of course collect only. I’m based near Reading Berks and am willing to travel a reasonable distance to meet and handover the kit.