Compounds and accessories stolen from Hythe.

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We have just discovered we have burgled, and all of our archery kit has been taken.
Location is Hythe, Kent, UK.
I will try and find photos of the stolen kit, but as a short overview it includes;
PSE Perform X in white, left handed, with green strings.
PSE Supra Focus XL LD in blue, left handed.
Mybo Edge 39 in black, left handed with orange strings.
Mybo Edge 35 in purple, left handed with green strings.
Hoyt Prevail 37 in orange, right handed, X3 cams.
Bowtech Fanatic SD in red, with yellow and orange strings.
Every bow above was fitted with AAE arrow rests.
Each now had Axcel Achieve sights – two left handed black XP’s, right handed black CXL, right handed orange CXL.
These sights each had a Mybo Tenzone scope attached.
Two bow bags were taken, a green legend bag, and a custom blue bow bag with ‘DOVER’ embroided on it.
Two quivers were taken, a PSE black quiver, and my custom white HCH quiver.
Numerous sets of arrows were stolen.
Several brand new sets of Gold Tip arrows still in their packaging.
Carbon Express Nano Pro XR’s with wraps with the name Cecile Midrouillet upon them.
Gold Tip Pierce Tours, several sets with Chris Horan wraps upon them.
Vortex Viper HD spotting scope on a Manfrotto tripod.
Two Last Chance archery Vane Master Pro Fletching jigs.
There’s a lot more, and I’ll try and post some photos as soon as I can.
Please let me if you see any of these items advertised for sale.