Alastair Smith

New member
Hi all.

Being shooting a compound bow (mostly indoor, but now starting outside too) for just under a year now. I am pleased with my progress thus far, but a couple of things are causing problems. The first is the lack of information (books etc) available to anyone new to the sport or compound bows. When I speak to people, I find a lot of them assume I already know about compounds. Obviously if I did, there would be no reason to ask. Youtube and forums are OK, but not easy to get a 'complete' idea from them:- rather like taking different chapters from different books, and thinking you've covered the subject! Secondly, and really leading on from the first is knowledge (or lack of it) when it comes to kit. Just looking through the compound sections on UK websites is great, but confusing. Again not sure what I want or need, and how it works or fits in with what I'm doing. For example, just been looking at scopes;- a huge choice with no real direction as to how/if it will fit my set up, or what it does or how/why it does it. I just end up confused and turn the computer off. Can anyone suggest a decent book or website about compound bows, and/ or similar that takes the beginner through all the equipment, why it is necessary/desirable etc? Many thanks, Alastair.