Correct string length for a 66" recurve ?



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Ok I am sure you have all been asked this 100's of times before but here goes:-

Story so far:

The better half bought a new 25" Hoyt riser and pair of short Premium limbs.

The shop fitted a new dacron string and set the bow up and did a good job, no complaints.

The centre serving started becomming undone so they sent a replacement, no problems so far.

We went on a holiday and did not shoot for 4 weeks.

The brace height is now 10" !! and no way can we get it down to 8", the string is labeled and measures 61.5" - Hoyt say it should be 63"

What do you suggest? I've tried the knee on string method of stretching but only managed about 1/4" ?

My string is a fast flight and does not need 'stretching' each time we shoot. Will the dacron always need this treatment each time it is used?

Any reason why a fastflight string can not be used?

Thanks in advance.

John from a cold, wet Devon.



Fastflight or one of the current modern materials is fine. The only reason shop 'gave' you dacron is because it's cheap. Dacron does stretch during shooting and sometimes you'll see people twist the string part way through the shoot. I've never known it significantly shrink that much though. A few shots in and the string will take it's usual length.
If you are sure it was ok before, it should be fine again. (one of our members deliberately tied a knot each end of the string because it was too long!) As already stated, check the number of twists and see if untwisting will return the string at least to the upper end of brace range.

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I would definitely get a longer string. You should have some twists in it.


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I'm coming to the conclusion that the string has never been correct.
Looks like buying a FF string of 63" will be the best option.
I will post what an overnight stretch with about 30lbs / 14kg will do - just for interest.
Lots of sun today so may manage an outdoor round or two. If not will just have to use the indoor centre.


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Bin the dacron and get a decent string. By the way, if buying a stock string from a shop, they are normally advertised by bow size, not the actual string length. So a string for a 66" bow should actually be about 3-3.5" shorter than that.


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It stretched 1.5" overnight !
The suppliers suggested putting the bow on my lap and pressing the limbs back on themselves against the string.

Personnaly I'm still in favour of a new string.


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Thanks SiKirk.

Any ideas on how many strands?

Current dacron is 10 strands but FF strings seem to be 16 or 18 ?


For a bow below 36 lb draw weight 16 strands is plenty but the nock fit is more important. Many find 18 strands makes a better string fit wise but it depends on your nocks and what serving the string maker uses. Strength isn't an issue since your 10 strand dacron only had a breaking force of around 50lb per strand and fast flight type materials will be over 100lb per strand. I've never had a dacron string behave as extremely as yours though and I have about 8 dacron strung bows with me at present


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Thanks to all the advice.

I've bitten the bullet and made two BCY X strings 63 3/8", 20 strands with diamond back centre serving and softer end servings. The length of the servings have been reduced to a minumum and the brass knocking point reduced to dental floss. Put on 20 twists and got a perfect BH of 81/4"

My better half says it is like a new bow and promptly did a PB.

A few brownie points there.

Thanks everyone.