Deciding on 27” Riser



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Looking at 27” risers to use as a barebow riser. The ones I’m looking at are the Mybo Wave XL, Gillo G1 and the Kinetic Sovren. The Mybo and Kinetic are in the$300-375 price range while the G1 is on the higher price range for a $500+. I do understand that some risers are designed better than others but will the lower cost risers grow with me just as good as the G1?


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That really depends on what you want from a barebow riser, heavy riser, light riser, rock solid, responsive? I shoot a W&W AXT and a Mybo Elite as barebow. Both are excellent but require some weight to give good balance. This isn't an issue for me as both bows have about 1.2kg of extra weight on them. I'm not familiar with the Kinetic, but I think Mybo are excellent value for money and the Wave would make a great barebow with extra weight. The G1 is already an excellent barebow but weights look pricey. Just because the G1 is more expensive doesn't mean it will suit you better :)
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