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Hi all,

I've decided its about time I did some bareshaft tuning and was contemplating buying 3 arrows for this task.
I currently have ACC's 2-04 /920 size but checked out the easton arrow selector and according to my bow poundage (34lb) and arrow length (28.5") I should be using 3L-04 size ACCs.

Question is would you recommend I get a whole set of new 3l-04 arrows and 3 bareshafts or get 3 2-04 bareshafts , even though they maybe the wrong size for my current setup?



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Why don't you strip the vanes off a few of your current ACC's 2-04 /920. If a tune test tells you they are on the weak side then you could consider going up a spine or dropping point weight etc. With the indoor season just begun I'd reckon any arrow that you can get to shoot well at 18m/20 yards is a goer and you can put off a major upgrade till its time to go outdoors.


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Mk1 thanks for your response.
Sounds like a good plan.
I'll give that a bash and save myself cash in the interim anyhow.

Is it normal that archery companies don't use the shaft selection tables when providing spines of arrows to beginners?

The outfit that supplied me had me shoot a few arrows into a boss from 10yds or so and then gave me the 2-04 arrows, without checking my draw length specifically - it was more by observation..

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Save your cash and set your bow up for indoor shooting, cos that's what we are all doing for the next 6 months or so!! Weak or stiff, you can shoot them indoors with a tweak here or there. Come April, when we venture outdoors, you can start the whole process of new arrows again!!!:poulies::cupcake::beer: