DIY Fletching Jig


As basic as they come but she works like a charm.
Some wooden clothes pegs, an old off-cut of wood, a hacksaw blade (broken in 2), a paper clamp and a hot glue gun to assemble it was all it took.
Ive now done 18 arrows (54 fletches for the hard of thinking :cheerful: ) and I'm very happy with the results.
The design idea I found online somewhere (may have a scout around for the orig link in a bit) and I adapted it to provide a double system.


I love simple ideas that work. The use of the hexagonal nut to get the 120deg fletch angle demonstrates some lateral thinking.

Del the Cat

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Excellent, I'm all in favour of the DIY approach. The results are generally more satisfying than the quick hit of a retail buzz.


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What glue do you use for the plastic fletches to aluminium .. EDIT......Ive just made a jig and I am getting to grips with using it. I made a double jig, but forgot and left the release bars off... now I see they are a good idea for releasing the two pegs at the same time.. I have had to use steel rulers to hold the fletches , no old hacksaw blades.. I am using ?1 shop CA, and fill the bottom trough on the fletch with it.. when the fletch is positioned I use kicker to set off the glue.. the hardest part is positioning the angle for the foils.. I made a template using sketchup for the angles and used that to mark the pegs.. Ive just done the first arrow.. all is ok..template.JPGP4170029.jpgP4170028.jpg


Cool, likie your style. The angles can also be taken off a hex nut ;-)
The glue I use is Saunders arrow mate cement.