Drop away rests - cable vs. limb activated pros & cons?


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It's all in the header really, new to compound bows and wondering about the pros and cons of different kinds of drop away rest. Most of those available in the UK are cable activated but at least one (AAE pro drop) is limb operated. I know some people have trouble with the connection onto the cable slipping, and the limb activated rest might be better from that perspective. Comments welcome.


I've fitted a Hamskea VersaRest - love it. Built like a tank and easy to set up. I've set it up as a bottom limb activated

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I have made several drop away rests. One was adjustable from dropping too soon all the way through to too late, just to find out where is a good point for the rest to drop.
Cable operated is ok but the alternative to that is to connect to the cable slider, if your bow has one.
It is possible to convert quite a few standard rests into drop away, so there is no need to go down the expensive or the complicated route.
One difference between the cable v limb drop is the way the arrow rest behaves during the draw. For some limb droppers, the blade of the rest is down and pops up as you start to draw. That can be a bit tedious, if the arrow falls off as you start to draw. Cable types tend to lift at the last stage of the draw when the arrow is well back on the rest so the draw is smoother and can be better for staying on the rest.
Some have clever bits inside a hub that means the rest is high from the start and falls only during the power stroke. I am not sure how reliable the clever little bits are.Some, in the past,were prone to failure.
Some say that the limb type stays up till just before the fletchings pass, and that they are better for that. The cable types drop after just an inch or so of travel over the rest. Some say there is nothing to get in the way of the shaft after that, so that is better, in their opinion.
Some say there is little advantage to be gained with a drop away unless you use very big fletchings.
I can disable mine to shoot as a normal rest in a few seconds. I keep it as a drop away just because the fletchings clear that way. I don't shoot well enough to say which way gives better groups.