Dye and staining


Steve Rough

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Hey. I'm wanting to stain my bow soon. I've heard leather dye is good. But what type? I've seen fiebings leather dye and oil dye. Which one do i go for? Oil or no oil?
Any other tips on finishing will be much appreciated. also I want to lighty dye my snake skin a light brown as is has a tint of blue in it. Is this easy?


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Just from furniture making experience - oil will be easier to apply consistently but will be the finish (I.e. will be confined to more oil or wax on top.) Non oil more flexible with what you put on top but may be note difficult to apply evenly unless diluted water base. Spirit base - have to be very quick so as not to double stain in places.

Bald Eagle

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I'd go for a spirit dye,rubbed in with a cloth, I use oil dyes on my leatherwork, you don't want oil on a longbow! Dye your snakeskin with oil dye to stop it going brittle, then finish with a carnauba cream and polish when dry!


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I colour all my bows using earth pigments mixed with Danish oil. Then I rub a wax over the top after several coatings of oil. Just keep wax topped up once monthly and it works a treat. I rub it all in with my hands. I sometimes pop down to Tesco and get ma sen some lard and just run the bow down with that mixed with charcoal or any other pigment. Lard is a great way to finish a bow and then burnished with a piece of anter!