Easton ACG & ACE break off points - have they changed?

Given the rate I seem to have been smashing my ACGs to smithereens, I thought I ought to buy some more arrows.

I'm getting very frustrated looking at an assortment of archery shop websites, trying to find the right points. As my ACGs are 880, various websites advise that the ACE points should fit. Howver, all the break-off points being advertised as suitable for ACEs (e.g. https://www.quicksarchery.co.uk/easton-ace-stainless-breakoff-points-also-fits-acg-610-1000-each-ep49.html?search=acg) look a lot longer than my points. If I was to order those points for my new arrows, we'd have to cut the arrows shorter to get the same total length, and I'd probably have to do the same to all my existing arrows to have a matching set, which would be a real P.I.T.A.

The shape of my points is much more like these (https://www.quicksarchery.co.uk/points-for-carbon-arrows/easton-x10-aerojet-tungsten-point-each-ep12.html?limit=50), but there's no way I'd have spent the extra money on the tungsten points, nor would I want the extra weight, and as I bought the ACGs for their lighter weight than my aluminium arrows, I wouldn't want extra heavy points.

I can't find the original invoice or receipt or any e-mail order confirmation from when I bought them to find out which points I'd ordered last time.

Does anyone know if Easton have changed the shape of the break-off points for ACEs and ACGs in the last couple of years? Is it possible my points are not the official Easton ones?


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Possibility 1 - You have screw in points which I think may be shorter.

Possibility 2 - Do you know the weight of your points. I may be wrong but I think the bulbous point section gets shorter for the 60/70/80grain points compared to the 80/90/100grain medium and 100/110/120grain heavy points. The pictures only show one generic image usually.


As Kid Curry said, there are three different weight options for ACE points - the one you've linked appears to be the 120/110/100gn. I think what you're looking for may well be the 100/90/80 ACE point which has a shorter point beyond the shaft (It's what I use in my ACGs)
I've got the two heavier types in front of me, and at full weight:

  • The 120/110/90 is about 60.5mm long overall, of which about 22.5mm is the point
  • The 100/90/80 is about 54mm long overall, of which about 16.5mm is the point
  • The bit that fits into the shaft is identical on both - the extra 20gn is in the extra length of the point.