Easton Fatboy Super Unibush


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I have suddenly started grouping my Fatboys indoors and am in need of some replacement Easton Super Unibushes. I cannot find them on any websites. Plenty of stockists for acc and alloy unibushes, but none for the 500 Fatboys.


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Me too!!

I wrecked one a couple of weeks ago and when I enquired was told they're not available so I'll watch this thread with interest.

I've found that the uni-bush really protects the arrow from a robin hood - the uni-bush splays out but the shaft (X7 or fatboy) isn't damaged (actually, the X7 gets bent, well the 2 I've done this to were).

If they're not available we'll just have to wait for a side impact ruined shaft.



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I am impressed with the strength of the Fatboys. Rear entry just splays the unibush as you say. The other area of destruction is just behind the point. So as you write, it is mix and match for the moment.


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Hi I have just checked and they are available for either super or g-nock fittings - none in stock (Perris) but I can get them should only take 5-6 days if in stock at my supplier.

I put them up on the online shop now save all that messing around with PM's give it a couple of minutes.