Easton FMJ Match & Nock Pins


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In the spirit of helpfulness,

I post this because I didn't know the answer, but now I do.

In the Easton catalogue, the listing for the FMJ Match arrows shows them using G Nocks.
After having shot down the side of one,and peeled the aluminium outer open like a ripe banana, I thought Pin Nocks were the way to go.
The catalogue listing shows G Nocks, the technical information at the back says " G Nocks, or G Pin Nocks" but Easton don't list a Nock Pin.

The recommended arrow piles show Carbon One components, so, logically, Carbon One Nock Pins should fit.
But, Easton make two sizes of Carbon One Nock Pin, size #1 & size #2.
And, the 530 spine FMJ Match falls between the two recommendations.

So, after trying them, it's the Carbon One Nock Pin Size #2 that fits.

Trivial, but annoying when you don't have access to all the nock pins to try, so, I just thought that the information may be of help to someone. :veryhappy


In a similar vein I use pin nocks in FMJ Axis 400s and 500s and I use small Gold Tip Kinetic pins.