Easton (Micro Flex, Ac Pro) Stabilizer


Zul Amer

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Have anyone used Easton Microflex stabilizer or Easton AC Pro stabilizer? I accidentally stumble across these two stabilizers while browsing a local archery website. Sadly there isn’t much information about these two stabs either in youtube or blog. I planning to buy either one of these since both of them are classified as clearance stock in my local archery website


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IIRC read that the a/c pro are same carbon as the previous Easton A/C/E ss stabilisers but with different (better?) end caps and finish. I still use an a/c/e side rod, and had 28+oz on it no probs. sorry can't help on the microflex.

They will be good enough for most anyone unless you are a pro maybe. Or hanging over 10oz off your long rod. My old 34" a/c/e was good for about 6oz on the end before it started to struggle a bit. But always had a great feel. If you shooting 28" etc obvs you can get away with more weight that that.