Easton X10s



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Apologies for replying to myself (I do that a lot these days) forgot about Mete Gazoz who I think is still using Carbon Express and has definitely won stuff. But apart from Mete...



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"Only probs so far is the pins that come with them are made of some kind of alloy of aluminium and goat cheese so the tiniest nick in a nock is game over for the pin, unlike Easton pins. The latter fit the internal diameter but the flange that is the o/d of the X10 is smaller than the o/d of the skylon shaft so that's a no go. It may be a job for a hobby lathe"

The pro tour pins have a larger diameter collar then the x10 (same internal fit)

Ronald Field

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Your looking for empirical evidence that you’ll never get. I’ve shot x10s since 1997. I change from ACE 32” 400s because the arrow drift on the ACE was terrible (for me) in light to medium wind. I changed from Beman Diva S to ACE due to longevity issues.

The year I changed I shot a 302 90m in a wind that had 1300+ archers struggling to break 275. I wasn’t even aiming off more that edge of yellow.

The reason the x10 is worth so much is how it behaves in medium to light wind. That alone is worth the price IMHO. Which doesn’t mean someone shooting an arrow that drifts further but reads the wind better doesn’t have just as good setup.

There is a scale of bow weight vs arrow length vs archer ability on where you start to get the value. If you are shooting sub 300 at 70m them probably not. If you are shooting sub 310 with less that 29” arrow them probably not. The longer your arrow the more benefit you’ll see.

Of course if you can afford it and it gives you confidence to have “the best” then you’ll shoot better with x10 at any draw length/weight/level.

I have never been entirely convinced about the tapered rear end absorbing poor releases. Of the shafts I have shot the Bemans were the easiest to shoot but that might be fond remembrance of events that happened a bit different. 29 years is a long time ago ;)

In still conditions an x7/ACC etc will score just as well if you can make the distance.


Thank you stretch. That was a well written and comprehensive report. Very helpful.


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Along term trial by a UK top archer compared X10 to Nano SST carbons and the Carbons won just ....better grouping and scoring .. just - but enough for him to switch. I find VAP elite carbons shoot as well as X10 but I am not elite and many clubs don't allow pure carbon :(
Nano Pro Extremes rather than SSTs in that trial, if its my one your talking about. Although first made the point about getting 2 sets of cheaper ones and matching the good ones out rather than forking top dollar for a single set and putting all your eggs in manufacturing tolerances, bravo. Great shout. Especially if you sort them into practice and scoring sets, you get the huge advantage of not wearing down your primary set anywhere near as fast, by avoiding things like blank boss or mashing them all together in training.

A big part of the reason for me using steel points these days (I've switched to the fivics five-x), was that for similar-ish price I'd rather have 2 sets of arrows to do that sorting with, then get one set with tungstens.