Everything is going left.



Possibly. How consistent is the string picture?

I'm just trying to find a logical explanation for why the group doesn't move when the sight is adjusted. If the sight pin is moved then the bow should be pointing in a slightly different direction at release, and the group should move accordingly.
If the group doesn't move then surely this means that either some element of the execution is varying in a way that exactly cancels the sight pin adjustment, or the bow is pointing in exactly the same, possibly natural, direction despite moving the sight pin, in which case the eye to anchor alignment must have changed which could be explained by a slight change in head position.

I'm not trying to say this is the problem, just offer another option as to why the group doesn't move with the pin.
So here is an update. Remember a few posts back I said that something on the bow is rattling every shot but I can't track it down?
Well yesterday I figured why not do some arrows and after a dozen or so the rattling stopped. Every arrow left the bow with a sweet thrum and guess what? The arrows are all landing where the sight says they will. I'm putting 6 arrows into a post-it note at 20 metres. And again. And again. And again. It was fun. While it lasted. Today I got home from work and decided to do some arrows while food cooks and first shot, as the arrow leaves the bow the rattle is back. Every arrow. And there's no more tight groups.
So... I'm going to pause the idea that the problem is purely down to my dodgy eye or caused solely by something I'm doing. I have new limbs arriving this week, and a new sight and a new plunger and I already have a spare riser, rest, clicker and string (because I bought a "job lot" off ebay).
If the problem persists with the new set up then it is down to me. If it goes away then it's the bow. If it is still there but not as bad then it's me but being exaggerated by whatever's causing the rattle.
BIG thanks to everybody for helping me with this, I really really appreciate it. For those that are curious I will update with what happens once I get to play with the new set up.
Thanks again!!


It it possible that the rattling is arrow contact as it is being launched? Most rattles, caused by something coming loose, doesn't stop after a dozen shots, it gets worse. Could the silent shots, hitting in the gold, be the shots you make when your release changes for the better, by just a small amount?

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It's probably arrow contact, caused by something you are doing. Get someone at the club to look your loose over. By the way, do you wear a chest guard, bracer etc?


I had a similar problem with my first bow.
It turned out that I had set up the limb alignment badly (by referencing the long rod) so that everything had a tendency to go to one side because the bow was pointing to one side. At the time it was all very mysterious because you could 'force' the arrow to go in the right direction if you changed your own alignment but then had problems with contact on either you or the bow. (This was at the start of my archery so everything was new.)
Dave, have a look at 'Chris Hill Olympic Recurve Archery' on You Tube. His bow set up video is the best I've found and would have saved me a lot of grief if I'd seen it sooner.


I recently had something similar when changing my setup for the indoors (different arrows, 600 spine 28.5" carbons, and I installed my weaker 36 lb limbs) which was a setup I used successfully last year. I'm fairly confident in the bow alignment having set it up with those tuning fork doodad's from Kickstarter, but I noticed during setup a mystery "clunk" without any obvious loose parts on the bow. This was accompanied by a tendency for some but not all arrows to go off to the left up to about 8" at 18 m (which is as good as a miss on a 40 cm target).

Touch wood, I have got rid of it, and the key seemed to be brace height. I found by lowering it to the bottom end of the range (approx 21.5 cm on my bow) the noise stopped, and the group tightened up massively. It's odd but I can only think it was a noise caused by arrows contacting the bow in some way.

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Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I couldn't get on AI these last few days, just couldn't get it to work.
I am right hander. Right eye retina is damaged so am now left eye dominant.
I have a string pic, string runs down the inside of the riser, sight pin to left of string.
I wouldn't know how to adjust a pressure button correctly, but the shop charged me £44 to do it so I'd hope they did it right. (Although if the way they fletch arrows is an indicator they may have cocked it up) I push it gently with my thumb every 5 or 6 goes to be sure it isn't stuck. Centre shot is set just left of centre as far as I can tell. I don't know what coaches eye is, will look it up.
I have now got my group (8 arrows) size at 25m down to roughly 90mm.
The problem persists though, everything is to left of where the sight pin says it should be.
I'll check my nock height tomorrow, I've misplaced my gauge and it needs finding.
All the arrows are entering the target at an angle, if you imagine looking down from the top of the target all the arrows are pointing "towards 2 o'clock". They look like you'd expect if I was shooting from about 20m left of centre!! Only I'm not, I'm shooting from dead centre.
I'm not in a club yet so can't get a coach to help. I have lost fletchings at the target as arrows hit other arrows, but nothing has come off near where I stand.
There are plastic streaks on the riser from fletchings but they're from when I shoot barebow. With the longrod on I get no indication that arrows are striking riser.
Something on the bow does rattle like a sod every shot though but for the life of me I can't track down what it is.
You could try adjusting your button so that it is weaker (screw out or lighter spring). It sounds like the arrow spine isn't compatible with the poundage. There are so many things that could effect it like plucking the string


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Not sure if this is still an issue or not.

Do you know any coaches close to you that you can ask to watch you shoot? It may be your are doing something you don’t realise.

Other than that, could it be a suggestion to have someone record you shooting and have some guys here take a look?

Sorry if been suggested, I skip read due to tiredness.


Yes, shooting right handed but am now left eye dom. I aim both eyes open. I don't have an extended pin, but will have to get one as there's no thread left on the bar!! I was going to buy 5mm threaded rod and re thread the sight for 5mm but my engineer friend is going to order me some of the correct thread and put it on for me.
I know I need to learn, I need to get into a club.
I'm ok with the group size. For now. I shot much better at school. It's the blimmin leftness of the group I can't fathom. I was always told to chase the group but I seem to be pushing the group around!
I'll have a look at the arrows tomorrow, they're in the garage. It's dark now and there's spiders in there.
Your sight pin should be directly above the arrow. If it isn't you're trying to get the bow to shoot round corners, as it were. Next, try increasing the poundage of the bow by small increments and see if the arrows come back towards the target centre. If they don't, or you don't want to uplift the poundage, you need different arrows.


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i would try to see what will happen if you change arrows (maybe a bit heavier)...
also, I think it is not bad to check, how behave your bow after shot and maybe add stabilisation...