Wanted Finger Spacer for AAE Elite Tab

I'm hoping someone out there has an old-style Finger Spacer for the AAE Elite/Cavalier Tab that they don't want anymore - new or used.

Unfortunately I can't seem to upload a photo on here but .........

It's like a large oblong block (similar to the one on the KSL tab). It has 3 alternative screw holes in the side and it tapers down to fit right up against where the index and middle fingers meet.

Unfortunately they don't seem to make them like this any more, the one currently sold is nothing like this.



On my Fivics Saker 1 tab I cut a rubber block to size, file the leading edge to make it comfortable between my fingers and put a 4mm bolt through to attach it to the plate. Just my $0.02.

(don't have a picture of the block itself, but imagine a square black blob with a bevel where the arrow nocks.; )