Finger tab for children?


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Does anyone know where to pick these from?

My son has had a few lessons at our club and is loving it but all the finger protection is too small.

Searching online I can only find a site in the U.S. that sells specific gear for kids...

Any ideas?


At this stage a very basic leather tab (the type with two finger holes) is probably going to be enough. They're not child-specific - they just come in a range of sizes from extra small to large. Going up in quality, you might want to look at something like an A and F Dutch Tab (about ?10). Again, these come in a range of sizes. You might do best to visit an archery shop to try the sizes though.


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I've seen those but not seen extra small - I'll make enquiries.

Alternatively do you know where these can be purchased?


A&F also make a "Single Leather Tab":

This is available in Junior and small sizes. A quick search for "A&F Single Leather Tab" will show them for under ?5.