Five pin sight/scope


I have a five pin sight fitted to my Bear Traxx that I use for field archery. The problem is that I need a wider spread between pin 1 and pin 5. There seems to be a range from £30 to 300. I’d appreciate some advice. I’m only a recreational archer, not a competition one. Thanks


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I've got an IQ micro on one bow and a trophy ridge cypher 5 on another - both are fine 10 - 50 which i prefer to set them up as but most will go with setting up as 20 - 60. Any intermediate distances you need to split the pins or set up as 5's - 10,15,20,25 etc. If you're after 10 - 100 (crude example ) you're not going to get there, it's not really about money if your concern is the spread it's more to do with your speed and what distances you are looking to get - 5 pin sights are much of a muchness. If i wasn't limited to a 5 pin I would be looking at something like a HHA optimizer lite where you can just dial in your distance nice and quickly after working out your sight tape.
Not sure what is your main concern so if you need anything else .......