[RECURVE] Fivics CEX7/CEX2000 threading


I am considering changing my budget Cartel stabiliser for something a bit better. One I'm considering is the above which seem to be good quality and should be an upgrade.

They are supplied without weights or dampers. My questions are:

1) Does anyone know what thread the long rods and side rods use for weights - is it standard 1/4" or something else?

2) Is there any particular reason to use matching Fivics weights (which seem to be not stocked widely or at least difficult to find) or, assuming they use a standard thread, can I use any common weights and dampers with them?

3) I was also considering getting a quick release bolt (probably an Easton, or whatever quality item is available) which I planned to attach to the riser, with the whole stabiliser assembly (extender, vbar, rods) attaching to the quick release device. Any disadvantages or problems with this?

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