Fletching request


Urgent help please. Can anyone in the UK help me find raven feathers suitable for fletching ? They are needed for a "black arrow" for a funeral


Hmmm. I’m pretty sure that the Raven is a protected species, so I think you will be unlikely to get any primary flight or tail feathers from one. If it is just the appearance that you’re after, then uncut full length turkey feathers dyed black would be a good substitute. Probably available form any traditional style archery dealer.


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What about crows? Same family but a recognised agricultural pest and there's loads of people who control them on farms.


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Be careful. I think all wild bird feathers in the UK could get you into trouble. I use all black feathers from archery suppliers and they sell them black full length turkey I think, or try this site I came across, black goose...


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Raven is a protected species in the UK under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.

Get Black dyed arrows instead.