Fletching tape v glue


Hi, has anyone actually used fletching tape on there plastic vanes of 2" and below? If so how did they perform? There are people giving there opinion on the subject but has anyone actually tested the use of tape over glue on carbon arrows at 100yrd and 90 meter rounds or can anyone direct me too any articles on the subject.


I’d use tape on everything but found that while it was great for feathers and spin wing types it wasn’t as good on standard vanes. Still, for all it costs it’s worth a punt and if it works then you can pre-tape some and keep them in your tool box.


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I've not been able to get on with tape despite numerous attempts, all my feathers & vanes are now glued. Give it a go though and see how you get on, you may have better luck than I did..

currently shooting 1.75" AAE shield vanes glued on my ACC's out at 100yds no problem.

I've used glue on plastic fletches but now use tape on my XS Wings. (They are supplied with tape). I have recently bought a one piece recurve field bow and shoot aluminium arrows with it.
I had to refletch these arrows with feather vanes as I shoot off the shelf. I was recommended by a friend to use tape on the feathers and have done so with no problems at all. I still top and tail the feathers with a spot of glue but taping is so much cleaner that I will be using it from now on.

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Tape on feathers and spins. Glue on plastifletch. In a hurry tape on plastifletch with a top and tail blob of glue to finish off.