Foot Markers


Another lockdown project; a new direction for me in that it cost nothing and has actually been useful.


These were some offcuts of old ruined FMJs that I cut to length, put some fluorescent wrap on, put an old bullet point in one end and a 5mm bolt in the other to stop up the hole down the inner.

These are really useful for foot markers for bareshaft and walkback tuning, for figuring out gaps and sightmarks, for pegging things like plates and paracord to bosses temporarily, etc.

They cost nothing as I had bent arrows; I had bullet points that I didn't use any more, the wraps were an old colour, and the bolts were in the shed.

I made them 12" long to start with but that turned out to be a bit unwieldy so I cut them down to about 8" which seems to be an ideal compromise between long enough to see in the grass and short enough not to get in the way in the archery bag.

I initially made 6 and they turned out to be so useful that I made some more.

Initially I put a bullet point in both ends which was ideal as you could stick either end in the boss but when I made extras I didn't have enough unused points hence the bolts.

Not the most exciting of projects but it saves sticking arrows in the ground to mark distances.


Trip hazard ??? You would do better with target pins
I probably would be better with target pins on a manicured field but I'm usually doing things like walkback tuning and gaps up the field course with the grass about 6" long. And like I said, I was using arrows before which is a bit of a waste when I could be shooting them at the boss ;)

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I have knackered old arrows along a hedge and they stay out permanently at metres and yards...same thing really.