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I've had my 40" PXE with spirals for a while now. I found that the spirals seem to draw up 1/4" longer than my PSE so I had to change modules as well.
Well balanced and holds as well as any top end 40" bow I've shot. IMO the draw cycle is similar to the PSE Dominator but the wall is far harder. I agree with those who say it is just a reinventing of the Vantage elite+ but the new fancy bits seem to work. The exchangable grip angle is very useful to get the right feel. I found the airshox to be a godsend. At Andoba I got distracted and forgot to put an arrow on for the first end of sighters. All that happened was a loud bang, the sight weathershield falling off and the string being spat off. The airshoxs had been shoved out of position but absorbed most of the energy. I put the string back on, reset the airshox and carried on shooting. I did the same thing with my PSE last year, it didn't end well.
Mostly for the forgetting to put an arrow on... on both bows. ;)

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and I've just noticed, I've apparently lost my Fonz!! :bawling: