For Sale: Nexus 7 16GB, rooted, complete boxed


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*** SOLD*** Nexus 7 16GB, rooted, complete boxed ***SOLD***

Hi All

An "off topic" for sale but someone may be interested before I put this on ebay.

I have for sale, my Google Nexus 7. It's the 16GB version and I have had it since the end of August so it is only 3 months old.

It has been kept in a case since new and as such, there are no visible marks/scratches (that I can see anyway!).

It has been rooted which means that by using a USB "on the go" adapter (readily available for a couple of quid on ebay) and installing some free software (StickMount) you are able to connect external storage.

This is an awesome piece of very capable equipment - my only reason for sale is that I have upgraded to the 32GB version (and I have an ipad mini coming - can't keep them all!) :)

I'm looking for ?140, including shipping in the UK and Paypal fees - and this includes everything you see in the photos (excluding the carpet of course! :p)

Any questions/offers, please just send me a PM - photos below.

Cheers all,




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Hi Adam,

I dont mean to be a downer, but you may struggle to sell it for ?150. It does look in mint condition, but they've recently dropped the price of the 16gb version to ?159, including p+p. I know because i've just bought one for xmas. Sorry again, but just thought you should know.