For sale: Win&Win Ex Prime 44lb 68in limbs (pair #1)


Pair of Win&Win Ex Prime (wood core) 44lb 68in limbs for sale. (This is pair #1 of 2 - see other thread)

Around 4.5yrs old, carefully used and in great shape (with the usual wear and tear - see pics).

Gloss, glitter finish on front in very good condition (a couple of surface scratches to varnish seen in side light)
No dings or gouges on edges - thick varnish in excellent condition
Some wear/scratches to limb tips, as usual
Some wear to underside shoulder of limbs where they meet the riser, as usual

Fitted with orange Limbsaver Broadbands (easily removed if desired)

I love these limbs - super smooth on the draw and with just the right amount of 'wall'. I believe production has stopped (or only available via special order?). Selling somewhat reluctantly due to draw weight reduction etc...

IMG_6596_640.jpg IMG_6597_640.jpg IMG_6598_640.jpg IMG_6600_640.jpg IMG_6601_640.jpg IMG_6602_640.jpg

£350.00 ONO (collect from South Essex, + £10 insured post)