For Sale Fuse Carbon Blade - Full Set


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I'm looking to sell my set of Fuse Carbon Blade stabilisers as I have not been shooting recently. This includes:

- Long Rod (33in)
- 2x Short Rods (12in)
- Extender (5in)
- V Bar (Straight)
Both long and short rods have 5oz of weight (mixture of 1oz and 3oz weights) and additional bolts are included that allow fewer weights to be used. The damper and 5oz weights add about 2.5in to the length.

I'm looking for ?220 for the set, which includes UK postage.




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I?m sorry, these were sold 4 years ago, but I like your optimism!

I hope you find what you?re looking for


They seem to as rare as unicorn tears these days, but I have my feelers out.

May I ask what you thought of them, and why you decided to sell?