garden set up advice please!

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Remember this guy is in Australia, so while he's talking common sense, anything referring to legal jargon/official policy etc may not apply here.


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The end of the video, and front page image, may show the guy's safest garden range setup, but I would not consider it safe. If the target boss is 7m from the wall there is every likeyhood of an arrow deflecting off the boss edge or from a damaged nock and over the boundary top right of the wall. The problem with these people taking risks is they take risks not only with their own liability but also with the open access of archery as a sport.


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Blimey who’d have thought a home Range was so tricky to set up?

Fortunately our 15m range backs onto a 20 acre field. I have almost half a mile of overshoot. But I still constantly check no one is in the field (very rare anyway; maybe twice a year?) despite not missing the boss for at least a year.

However in my short period of it all going a bit wrong, I lost two cheap aluminium arrows but more painfully, two ACGs in that field; once they’re gone, they’re gone.


I used to shoot in my old back garden, using a neighbour's pre-fab concrete garage as the backstop at about a 20 yard distance...until I missed the boss. A normal aluminium arrow, shot from a 30# bow, travelled 6 inches through his concrete wall. It wrecked the arrow, but fortunately, there was no-one and nothing in the garage at the time. That was the last time I shot not at the club.