For Sale Gila flatbow for sale


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Hello all!
I am selling off some nice bows that are just hanging and taking valuable space. Just bought a nice yew Roy King bow off ebay that costed me plenty....
These are all good bows in like new condition and hardly used by me as I lack the time for it...another 60 bows left still...

1. American Flatbow by late Jeremiah Rutherford of Gila bow & Co. He was known mainly by his records in flight shooting selfbows with hunting arrows, in other words he built the best "primitive bows for realistic use". This one is a hickory selfbow with tanned rawhide on back, suede handle wrap and cut in arrowshelf for right handed shooter.
190 pounds + shipping
a Youtube link for showing its real:
Soft draw and sweet shooter, very accurate and relaxed.
168 cm and [email protected]

Questions can also be asked at 00.46.709.611551.
or my direct mail: [email protected] or here of course.
I live in Sweden and shipping is around 45 pound.