Gillo G2K suitable for Olympic set up?



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Stick on wire rests at all price ranges require a plunger, so if you want simple a Hoyt Pro Rest is the only option there is a vertical piece of plastic above the arm that will act as a plunger to get you up and running, but eventually you will require the plunger to set the centre shot depth.


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to update, if anyone is interested. The Gillo needed a rest and plunger, it cant be used without. Got Shibuya for both, seem decent. Coming from a field bow didnt realise how different Oly risers were

Balance with limbs is good, very neutral compared to the few other Olympic risers I looked at. Been shooting barebow / without sights so far and well impressed, the limit on good scores is definitely me. Going to get the weight disc kit so I can adjust the balance slightly, but pretty fine without

Grip is tolerable, but I deliberately chose a riser that has lots of aftermarket grips because I knew it might want to change it. KG Archery have said they can do a custom made for me when I know what I need

Black finish is nice, but delicate. Picked up a couple of scratches during set up at the shop


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I've got an R-core custom grip on my bow, and it's fantastic. It was a proper custom grip, they still don't support my riser (apparently, it's stupidly rare), and it's absolutely amazing. I had to get the 3d print files from the riser manufacturer, so it wasn't cheap. R-core were superb throughout, really friendly and helpful.