Great new recurve resource


As I don't think anyone else has done it yet, thought I'd give a big thumbs-up to the...


Which is a FREE project of Ashe Morgan & Songi Woo, dedicated to Olympic (freestyle) recurve archery.

I've already found it to be an excellent source of information, I've learned thing I've never seen mentioned anywhere else. These dudes 'really know where their towels are' ;)

To quote from their homepage:

Think of online archery academy as a virtual coach or club which is always local, wherever you go.Many archers struggle to find advice or help on how to improve their archery, or the coaching and instruction they can get doesn?t fit in with their schedule. Some archers don?t have any access to coaching at all. We wanted to change this.
We?ve created this resource as your very own ?archery academy?. Use it as a second coach, and as a reference guide whenever you need it. We hope it will help you improve your shooting and knowledge at your own pace, when it?s convenient.
They also have a Facebook group & an email list, details on the website.


I can also vouch for how quickly Ashe responds to email enquiries & suggestions too.

I brought up the suggestion that the solution to the 'cross-dominance problem' favoured by (at least) geoffretired & myself should be better known about, especially by club coaches.
He said..

It’s interesting you brought this up as this is on my content list. There is a lot of confusion about this. I agree with you. Many UK coaches say to follow eye dominance but this is actually a hinderance if you want to reach a high level.

World Archery and most international coaches recommend following the hand dominance, and either training the non-dominant eye or covering it. You’re solution is certainly a great one too, and I’ll be sure to mention it.


I think Ashe sounds like he is an open minded person.
Archery in UK is very much based on volunteers working with beginners. Sometimes, volunteers take some sort of shelter behind what an "experienced archer" has said. I don't blame anyone for that; I guess I do it too, though I try to avoid it.
What can result from that is, one solution is seen as the only solution. Confusion often stems from that when different solutions are offered by different volunteers.
I had a very interesting chat with a newer archer about what's important for producing good groups. What was particularly interesting was the list that was offered by the newer archer had all the items. He reads a lot!
That started me thinking about priorities. Which items are more important than which others?
I could start a thread on that!! heehee