Has anyone used a Core Spark riser? Anything I should know?

Hello archers!!
I took a punt on a mixed bag of archery stuff. No one else bidded so I got the lot for £20 :)
I got some 22lb ilf limbs (way too low but my better half will use them) 2 dozen arrows (at different lengths, no use to me, may go back on ebay) old bowstrings (binned) and... dah dah daaaaahhhhhh. A 25" Core Spark riser. Or maybe it is a "Spark X" or "X Spark" - badge is ambiguous.
Anyway, has anyone any experience of these?
My initial impressions - balances well, I like the weight. Clicker plate looks as though it could be a tad longer.
The handle... is real wood, not ply, silky smooth and the most comfortable handle ever. Seriously. Never known a riser with a handle this right for the hand, even the silly price ones in the shops.
If anyone uses or has used one of these risers I would welcome any info. Do they function well with heavy limbs? Is there an upper limit that shouldn't be exceeded? Are the clicker threads metric or imperial? Etc, etc.


Found this on t'web

- Core Spark Riser (25inch) (~$140) ILF o The Core Spark riser is an anodized, all-aluminum riser that is really great for its price. Many of the coaches including myself have been thoroughly impressed with this riser for the price bracket and it is on the top of my recommendations list. The core spark has all the necessary mounting options for a full Olympic setup along with limb alignment as well. The riser itself is also a nice weight and not too light and comes with a solid wood grip. Currently, Lancaster stopped carrying this riser so you would have to order it from the UK but it is still worth double its price.