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I like hats. I have lots. I make them and sell them. I even shoot in a few.

I've just bought one of these:

Outdoor Research Misto Sombero - Field And Trek

Goretex, dirt cheap and has a brim bigger at the back than the front. I can shoot my recurves without catching the brim, and I can get my shooting spectacles on in the right place. It has a tie which I intend to wrap round my ponytail on windy days. So this (soon to be sopping) summer, I shall have a dry head!


I have one like that made by UnderArmor. The deeper brim at the back is a revelation (although surely an old design: I feel like a salty sea dog when I wear it). Combined with my other waterproof stuff I'm kept totally dry and comfortable when shooting. I can honestly say its one of the best bits of kit I've got.