Have I missed anything ? ?


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Personally I use this type of program for archery posture, this is just the shoulder alignment that screws up so many.. ;)
But watch it and you may pick up a good tip described in an easy way.

As an archer and a ballroom dancer I shall give this a go. It might stop the wife complaining when moving into promenade (she isn’t really concerned about my shoulder in archery 😒).
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Good Morning Everyone
This is *not* a place to discuss Covid. However my condolences to everyone, especially those on here who have lost friends, family and neighbours to this awful disease.

I have deleted the original message because it was incorrect, it was insulting, and I had complaints. There will be no further discussion. if the poster wishes to take it up with me they can by private message. Please remember this might be a free country but this is a space to talk about archery and it is controlled. So Eugen, no.

So, sorry Corax, as you can see we still bicker here, hope you haven't missed that! Lets get back on track with the discussion! Thanks.


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When the lock down in Denmark started middle March last year, I stopped practicing archery, because it was in the indoor season and when the outdoor season came, I just didn't participate, mainly because of restrictions and because I just wanted to isolate myself as much as possible. Wasn't difficult, because I have my own company, so I work at home. So May 1st. this year after appr. 14 months totally without touching the bow, the weather was fine, so I drove to the clubs outdoor archery range. And have been doing so once in a while since, when I have time and the mood for it. Not necessarily every week, but I think 3 or 4 times. I just shoots appr. 8-10 rounds of 3 arrows at 30 m with my compound. Take a small break after for example 4 rounds and then again after another 4 rounds. So in that way I just relax with it and at the same time slowly gets my "bow muscles" used to the bow again. Maybe ramping up to 12 rounds, if my shoulders does not complain, stop if the complaing. :) Planning to go again this morning, since I have no work at the moment. :)


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By the way - about club fees etc. being unchanged. Well, you can say why pay full year fee, if you haven't used the clubs facilities for a year. But firstly some have and some have not and how to deal with that. Secondly I am thinking that it supports the club, among other since earning money through rallies / competitions, have not been possible. And I also think that some clubs have lost members, perhaps because they could not afford to pay the fee, so it might help the club to survive.