Helix stabisers



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Not posted in a while. I now have been using my Hoyt Helix for about 2 months since my beginners course and have been looking for a simple stabilisation setup. Firstly what is the thread on a Helix, I assume its a 5/16 24.
Would I also be correct that the long rod length should be similar to arrow length?

Side bars also, or should I wait.

Thanks in advance


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Helix is a nice bow and shoots well with or without a vbar. Length of central stabiliser is a matter of choice. I’ve always been at the shorter end of the spectrum for a 32” draw. Usually ending up about 30”. Ideally I’d suggest you try a few and see what you like - most clubs could help with that.

For the actually purchase go secondhand and look for something like W&W HMC+, FIVICS CEX5, Easton ACE or X10. So something that used to be ”elite” and is now less than 20% the price of current top end. Some people have good experience with cheap rods but I cannot say I’ve had much luck. However, Epic Fusion EX Plus shoot pretty well for the price (but are quite heavy compared to some).

5/16” is standard on almost everything these days including the Helix.