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Hello all

My name is Dustin and im an alcoholic.... wait wrong forum. my normal home is kaput and by luck i found this site i most probably will be on often as well as my normal one :). anyway cut to the chase, i have been making bows for just about 6 months now and am in the process of making a gemsbok selfbow. for which i am taking many pics and doing a full build along if all goes well because i cant find any myself. here is some of my previous work.

i hope the pics work.

this is my first (working) bow (second attempt overall) i made it with the use of no power tools except the drill to attach the limbs. i did it just to say i did if your wondering. and i will never do that again. my hands hurt thinking about it. red oak limbs, 40ish lbs at 28" draw, 72inches overall if i remember correctly. little whip ended.

my second one. hickory, 70inches overall 45 lbs at 28 inches. lasted 10 shots before i got a huge crack in the riser and it became new limbs for the 3 piece riser above.

#3 i recurved and made too short. 55" or so tall 50lbs at 29" cracked a little but is holding strong with a patch. retired "in case".

#4 my favorite sofar, kids bow 45" long 20lbs at 22" (little to stout for my 8 y.o. stepdaughter. but she likes it.

#5 more hickory, dont remember the specs, but i violated tons of grain to make it snake like. have sheetrock tape backing 2 layers with titebond 3 on/ between each.

sorry for the long post.
Any comments and critique welcome.

Thank you,

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Hi, looks like you've had some fun and a few breakages...that's the way we all learn :).
Welcome aboard.
PS. I like the look of that slight whip end...looks like all the limb is working.