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Hi guys, new here (so be gentle please)....

I really dunno where to post this but settled on here ....if I'm wrong my apologies.

Ok a wee bit of background as not a complete novice as such (I'm not overly long back from stateside....I spent 20 years there working and living and shooting....both bow and rifle but mainly rifle)

I'm looking for advice on trad bows mainly recurve as I got an AFB i bought back with me .....which I shoot off the shelf .....however I am looking well really wanting lol....a hunting recurve ...ok I know I cant hunt here with it so not sure what to call it otherwise....

I am not looking to break the bank (I am a scot after all).....I guess the draw weight I'll be looking at is more than likely medium weight 50-55# .....my draw length is 28 1/2" (yep and that a dead cert lol) ......I have handled bows way heavier but as I can't hunt I don't really see much point going there at the mo .....unless I go back over the pond again.....

The aforementioned kinda leads on to

second question .....

Arrows ....what arrows would you guys recommend .....I'd prefer alu to timber sticks (as jeez are they high here)...and I need to get my eye in again before I go there as I'm fairly sure I'll bust a fair amount at first.......(again always remember I a tight fisted scot lol)

and to close .....

Hunting recurve......off the shelf or rest???......looking for opinions

Sorry for being long winded etc and advice will be most welcome and appreciated .....

ps as far as bows either takedown or one piece opinions....


Where are you? Further "oop north"? ;-) ....the Highlands?

What's wrong with Scotland's finest? something from the Border Archery portfolio?
- a "Black Douglas" perhaps - might be some left in the sale?
- a "Covert Hunter" perhaps ....

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Yup I'd second the Border vote.

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