HMA Archery Targets/Bosses - anyone used them


You have to look at the shop sites for prices... That's not an unusual split, between mfr and retailer. I've seen the big square HMA "pro" ones at about ?200...


E-Mailed them on the address on their website. Quote received within 24 hrs - seems legit.
Looking for quality/life comparisons rather than cost comparison.


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Four of us at my club bought an I12 indoor boss to shoot 5 yards in the local Scout hall. The quality of the boss is very good. We have shot it for about 2 years and while the foam inserts are now pretty ugly with big chunks out of them (chunky arrows and a 50lbs compound will do that to any boss eventually), they still easily stop arrows and we have never had anyone poke through the other side. The orientation of the spots is a little bit limiting for variety of rounds. We went for the I12 so we each had a column of sports to shoot and we did't want a single spot to avoid smashing our arrows together. My club also have a small pro boss. We destroyed the centre in 2 years. Compounds and chunky arrows again. The HMA centres, I feel, are more durable but the pro boss are far simpler to replace. The pro boss we have is also significantly lighter weight than the HMA one.