Home Made Bearpaw Spine Tester


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Remember that how important an arrow set matches for spine is more important the better you are. If you are good enough to find the differences then stock Easton coding may not be tight enough for you. (Hence some of the top shooters bulk shooting loads of x10s at 70m and discarding the bare shafts that don’t group bang on.) Mortals and Demi-gods need worry less. But also bear in mind that not ALL the top shooters do this. I’ve shot a 331 70m (in practice :mad:) and 302 90m (FITA *:giggle:) and never had to discard an arrow because of spine issues. (Nowadays it is more of a pointy end goes that way kind of thing...)

Without touching a thing on my bow the difference between an x10 450 and a 410 is not as much as you’d think down at the target when fletched - even if the weights don’t match. If it is a 455 or a 445 and matched weight most of us wouldn’t notice.