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Noob here, looking to setup a range on our land.
Field we have is about 250m long and 125m wide, so plenty of scope for growth there.

Basically looking to see what foam bosses/stands people recommend/use themselves, and what kind of netting setup to use. I wouldn't say money isn't an issue, but if needed i'd rather spend more to save more, then the other way around.

I've been looking at 90cm layered foam bosses in various shapes and forms but perhaps bags would be better?

Also, can anyone enlighten me with regards to the lifespan of these things, initially there will be 3 of us shooting an hour or so few days a week?

thanks for your input ;)


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Sounds like you have enough room to host a small club. Lucky you. This document is produced by Archery GB and is a good starting point. The principles are - large overshoot areas, controlled access to the shooting area and a disciplined shooting procedure. http://www.archerygb.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/AGuidetosettingupanArcheryRange-13375.pdf
Forget netting as you have a large overshoot but go for 130cm targets and they you can fit the full size 122cm target faces. The layered foam type should last a couple of seasons if it's just light use or there's just a couple of you and they are easy to add your own legs and frame to.

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I think you are going to get a lot of new friends. All the best, Archery Needs You!! And your field, ha ha

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Depends on how serious your'e going to shoot, if you plan to shoot tourney then to set your practice target up as close to competition targets as you can. No surprises when you go to competitions.