Horn Side


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so I have bought myself a horse bow and obviously, it can be shot left or right-handed but one side has a slither of bone or horn in the middle of the bow and i am just wondering if this is meant to be on the side the arrow is on, to protect the leather from the arrow when released, or on the other side as a grip for the fingers.
Anyone know?

Del the Cat

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Depends if you shoot it Mediterranean loose or use a thumb ring.
Assuming you are holding the bow in your left hand, you'd have the arrow on the left with Med' loose but on the right if using a thumb ring.


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So I actually shoot both left and right handed in the standard/western/Mediterranean style. I’m assuming, as you will see in the image, that the horn is to protect the leather when the arrow passes. But I could be wrong0899874D-2F31-4B6F-8A10-72C69950A078.jpeg