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The British Horseback Archery Association have created a new round specifically for practising for horseback archery. I thought I'd let you guys know about it as it's good fun to shoot and is something a bit different. We're going to hold a small online league but a large part of what we're doing is collecting scores to help us get an idea of where to pitch things should we start creating handicaps, qualifications etc. Accordingly I'd be grateful if anyone trying the round could let me know your scores, either here or through the BHAA website.

The round is shot at 10m (horseback archery is generally done at this range or closer, except for the Hungarian event, which isn't recognised by the World Horseback Archery Federation). Shoot at a Portsmouth face and use metric scoring.

It consists of 6 dozen arrows, shot as follows:

2 doz forwards
2 doz sideways
2 doz backwards

All three of these are vital for horseback archery, as events require you to be able to shoot at targets in front, alongside or behind you. The definitions are:

Sideways: basically normal shooting. One foot either side of the shooting line.
Forwards: both feet on the shooting line. The toes of your footwear (assuming you are wearing some, if not then your toes) must be in front of the line for both feet. Heels behind the line.

Backwards: like forwards but switch heels and toes in the description. The body is then twisted around to the bowhand side to allow backwards shooting.

For safety reasons, when shooting backwards you should obviously not start to draw until you have twisted to face the target.

The thought is that in due course a time limit may well be introduced to mimic the fact that shooting is done at a canter or gallop (12s to cover 90m, 18s to cover 150m).

Enjoy and let me know how you get on.


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Sounds interesting....

I'm sure we'll give it a try at Giffnock Archers!!!!!