How do you make an waterproof sight tape


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Hi All

How do you make an waterproof sight tape?

I've got Archers advantage software and it will print a sight tape, however if I print it on normal paper I don't imaging it will last long in the rain. What's the best way of getting around this problem?



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I stick it on my sight, then cut out some sellotape and put that over. The old sight tape that I took off my bow at the start of this season had been on there for ~5 years and was still legible.


When I shot sighted bows I used white electrician's tape and manually marked the sight settings with pencil, this would stay on under any amount of rain, but you could also rub one out and re-mark it. Imperial on one edge, metric on the other


This post is based on experience with trajectory settings on scope turrets for my competition air rifles not archery but the same principles apply.

Masking tape is good for temporary settings when you're experimenting. White electrical tape works well as mentioned. You can also use Dymo labeller tape, it is available in many colours including opaque white. You can mark it with a sharpie or a CD labelling pen. Or with some fiddling about you could actually print it on the Dymo machine (other labelling machines are available).

One option I'm going to try is waterproof vinyl inkjet "paper" like this
I've bought some but not tried it yet.

If you're good at document layout and careful with scaling factors it should be straightforward to get a very neat tape, with imperial and metric in different colours for example.

An alternative