How Gold is a Gold????


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For some time now I have noticed that that golds on the 40 & 60 cm three spot faces are not very , well gold in colour . They seem to be dull and almost dog poo yellow. that combined with indoor lighting makes a significantly more see the gold. Any one else have this problem??


Yes! I find all the colours on the 3-spots to be completely 'washed out' compared with 'normal' faces. I wondered if the club had just gotten a bad/cheap rip-off batch so it's (sort-of) good to know I'm not the only one.

E2A - If my dog pooped that colour I'd take him to the vet!


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WA target colours have specified pantone colours. Are the targets official WA targets?


I've also noticed that there seems to be a massive difference in intensity of hue between our old faces and our new faces. Maybe it's due to UV bleaching the colours, maybe it's the colours themselves that have varied between batches, or maybe we have one batch official and another not. I'll take a closer look when I can.
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I've seen this with a few suppliers, and I think it's just cost-cutting when printing (cheaper ink, and less ink used per target). WA have specific colours they tell suppliers to use when they print the targets, but even with targets that have a WA license number printed on them, I've found that cheaper ones tend to either arrive washed-out (or bleach at a hint of sunlight), and vary in colour intensity. There's a stack of three-spot targets at my club that no-one ever uses because the red is a light pink and the gold is almost white.

In my experience, I've found that JVD ones tend to keep their colour longest... Or at least long enough to get shot through and destroyed. There is a little variation batch-to-batch, but not enough to be easily noticed at the other end of a range.


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I see this a lot. Yes world archery specifies what the colours are supposed to be, but it's very common for faces to be outside this. The licence world archery gives out is more of a token thing anyway as far as I'm aware the only time the prints get check is when a judge measures them at competitions and then its just the sizing and over all colour across the field (we don't exactly carry around a pantone set in our equipment). The only company to lose their licence was because they stopped paying the fees. JVD are notoriously bad even though they have a licence, 90% of the time I've measured them they are printed to small some times as much as 5mm.