How many Laminations for fibre glass horse bow ?



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I would like to Make a composite horse bow like a SALUKI or Attila or similar -
+ Siyahs

Maybe approx 54" long -
Glass i have is 1mm x 38mm - so will use this

Just making for Fun - have made recurves before and also Bamboo Horsebow
so just need some approx dimensions.

how many laminations - whats a good width or thickness for the bow/laminations and are the laminations Tapered like in recurves and laminated longbows ?
any info helpful or a link anyone hads found for a build along ..
Thanks Mark


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HI Del

Thanks for the reply - Just had a Look at that post , you have heaps great Info i have read lots before - THANKS for your site and time its definitely appreciated .
Splicing on the Siyah should be no problem as just made 2 basic bamboo limb horsebow with spliced Siyahs - glued with smooth-on and wrapped thread also ..

Bad luck with the Failure - last year i had maybe 4-5 bows fail and found the Smooth on i bought here in the UK was out of date by 6 months and all bows let go on the glue joints - never had that problem with Urea i use for other bows - but need the epoxy for the Glass . Did you glue with smooth-on or other ?

Horsebow -
what is a good approx thickness for the core - or overall bow thickness to get similar to your "bow weight"
is the core tapered or just a parallel lamination ?
shape - how much reflex and Deflex
i could find any more info did on your site just that page and failure page - did you have another page with more Info ?

Del the Cat

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So many Qs!
1. Don't think I have the broken bow, I'll have a look see if I have any info on lam thickness. It was just a guess work project at the time.
2. Gotta have tapered core, else the tiller will awful, unless you add width taper, but you cant do that 'cos need the width for the splice.
3.. Laid up dead flat along the belly with a V slight up turn at the siyahs where it's spliced. So no deflex and a little reflex at the siyahs. That was done before I really got into the blog so, not much info.
4. The glue was some random 2hour epoxy I got off the internet from a modelling site.