How not to hold super-glue.

English Bowman

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I'm posting this for someone who I know reads this forum, although I don't know if they post or not and shall rename nameless unless they want to claim the Fonz to go with their GMB!

They have decided to go to bare-bow from trad, so have bought some ACEs and were fletching them using Easton fletchings and super-glue. So far, so good. They didn't want to put the glue tube down in case it leaked, so decided to hold the tube loosely in their mouth. A short while later they wondered what the burning sensation was. "it tasted hotter than the hottest chilli, with extra burning!"

That's right, the glue had leaked, forming a pool just behind his teeth. A quick trip to the bath-room (holding his tongue clear of any other part of his mouth in case he glued it to his teeth or something) to wash his mouth out for about 5 minutes. He managed to get rid of most of the glue, but has managed to coat the insides of his teeth and gums with super glue. I wonder how long before it's all gone?


cornish george

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Why do apparently sensible people use superglue to fix fletchings when we all know it damages carbon? Oh hang on, put it in his mouth? Ahh....


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lol on the glued teeth, first i've heard about it damaging carbon? easton fast set and goat tuff are basically the same, how so?scratch that my bad


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Perhaps I could try something like that with my ex-mother in law - I could have done with glueing her mouth together on many occasion!

Cant be any worse than a nurse friend of mine. Using medical superglue on a small child's head cut, she stuck the fingers of her rubber glove to the child's head. Seeing as the child would have needed a general to remove the glue and the glove and for it to then be stitched. She had to snip the hand part of the glove off leaving just the glove fingers stuck to the head!

I always think of that wallace and gromit film with the penguin with the rubber glove stuck on its head!:raspberry

Rabid Hamster

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several decades ago ... superglue was the in practical joke at my school. toilet seats, pens, coins ... nothing was exempt from being booby trapped.
This epidemic went on for some time until the culprit was caught ... he was found stuck to a science room door with a tube of glue stuck in the other hand.
He'd been putting super glue on the doorhandle and dropped the glue. He bent over to pick it up and lost his balance. Without thinking grabbed the handle and got stuck. He then lost his temper and made a fist with the other hand ... the one holding the glue!

... and no it wasn't me but having been 'got' earlier .... I did laugh a lot!


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Super glue eh? Reminds me of a few films including such antics:

American Pie: Incidednt with lube(glue).

Police Academy: involving hair and shampoo(glue).

Jan Poslusny

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For everybody glued on

If it was cyanoacrylate (smells like almonds), pure acetone will disband it in a few seconds. Once I created a little glass cell, using cyanoacrylate. The mistake was that it should hold acetone...


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Lol, gutted.

I must admit in the last 15 years I have never had any problems with superglue. The only thing that does affect me however is when you glue things too close to your face and the vapours go into your eyes. Ouchies. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll live.