For Sale Hoyt Horizon Pro, Beginner/Intermediate Package


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Full archery set available like new condition (few very minor marks on the riser but barely noticeable).
Bow Poundage currently 32lb

Hoyt Horizon Pro Riser - Green
Sebastien Flute Elite Fibre Foam Limbs
Pressure Button
Cartel Championship Sight
2 Bow stands
Bow bag
Finger tab
Arm Guard

3 sets of 8 arrows;
Platinum Plus arrows - Used
Platinum Plus arrows - Like new
Jazz aluminium - Like new

Happy to answer any questions.

Best Wishes!




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The Riser is 25", with the bow being a total of 68". The Poundage of the bow is currently ~32lb but can be lowered. The Used set of Platinum plus arrows are 29" The New set of Platinum plus arrows are 28" The New set of Jazz arrows are 28.5".
Best wishes