Hoyt identification and info


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I recently acquired an old Hoyt recurve from an auction and would like to confirm the model type. It is a 25" riser in 'hammered' grey finish, which I believe to be a Gold Medallist, the later model with the thickened section in front of the grip. I think the pockets are ILF. The limbs are Hoyt Epic, short.
There are three threaded inserts to each pocket, one is on the back face, which opens into the pocket and corresponds to the tiller adjustment bolt location, but there is no bolt - I believe this is not required for GM risers as weight and tiller adjustment is accomplished with the tiller bolt lock on the belly face? Next to this is the third insert, but it is blind - what would this be for?
Can anyone confirm my interpretation, please? (I would ask at my club, but the equipment expert is currently indisposed).




There's an original Hoyt manual here if that helps...
It shows those bushings in the pictures, but doesn't mention them in the text. So I assume they're just for stabilizers/accessories.


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it does say on the second page, "Equipped with five stainless steel stabilizer bushings tapped 5/16"-24.", I know I have a Doinker A Bomb in the rear lowers one on my GM


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Thanks for the link, the bow came with a general 2006 manual, but the dedicated one is more specific.
I'm a relative newbie, so all the possible attachments are a bit of a closed book, I've not seen anything on the 'inside' of a bow before.